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Part of the New West movement—current Western writers continuing the tradition of books from classic Western writers such as Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, Luke Short, Max Brand and dozens more—Joseph Powell is the author of The Texas Riders series. A classic-style western writer in both his stories and sensibilities, Powell's tales have a sense of real places and the dangers inherent in the context of the Wild West...His home base is Kansas City, where he lives with his wife and two children...

He wants to clean up the town… they want to chase him out. Sheriff Rowan Keller is the new sheriff of Blackgate. There’s just one problem. The old sheriff doesn’t want to leave. He’s spent years taking bribes from criminals so they could pass through unscathed, and he’s not eager to give things up. But Rowan’s about to put an end to the corruption.

Blackgate’s got a poker tournament coming up, and it’s drawing all the wrong kinds of people. But no one beats Wade Sharp. Evil, corrupt, and soulless, Wade has a gang of men who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Even women and children. When Rowan puts up a fight, Wade decides him and the entire town must pay. Especially Tillie. She’s pretty and kind, and Wade’s taking her with him when he leaves.

But if he thinks Rowan is going to let her go, he’s mistaken. Rowan’s ready to go into battle, even if he has to do it alone. Can Rowan save Tillie and the entire town, or are they already good as dead?

They took everything he held dear… now he’s taking it back. Rancher Frank Collins lives a quiet life in Charbury, Texas.
He prefers to keep to himself and mind his own business along with his animals. But… then John Moon shows up. And… everything changes.

The Moon Gang is known across the country for their evil ways. When they rob a bank, they don’t leave anyone alive. But John Moon is tired of running. He wants to settle down, and he thinks Charbury is the perfect place to do it. If anyone tries to stop him, he’ll make sure they pay. But he hasn’t met Frank Collins yet.

Maggie Stewart has been hunting John Moon for a year, ever since he took her sister. She’s close to finding him, but he’s always one step ahead. When she meets Frank Collins, she wants nothing to do with him. But soon she has no choice. If she wants to stop John and get her sister back, she'll need Frank’s help to do it. Can Frank stop John Moon before he kills again, or will he lose his own life in the process?

He’s fighting to save a town that’s not even his… and all he’s got are his guns and his wits. Sheriff David Grant has just arrived in Charbury. It’s small, quiet, and overrun with outlaws. The Morgan Gang’s in charge, and they don’t want David interfering. But, he’s never run from a battle in his life, and he’s not about to start now.

Lyle Morgan takes what he wants, when he wants it. And that includes women. But when he sets his sights on Hadley, David starts seeing red. David’s not just fighting for Charbury anymore; he’s fighting for her. And he'll keep fighting until either he or Lyle is dead. 

But Lyle’s not alone, and David is. His deputy wants nothing to do with the war that’s brewing. If David wants justice, he'll have to get it himself. He'll battle evil and defend a town that doesn't even want him there. Sometimes doing what’s right means making a few enemies along the way, and David’s got a town full of them. David’s the only one who can save Charbury from destruction, but can he save himself?

He refused to go looking for trouble until trouble went and found him. Grover Knox has spent a quiet life raising his fifteen-year-old son and working his ranch. When strange lights start appearing on his property, Grover would rather ignore them than investigate. But he can’t ignore the bullets when they start flying. Ellis Rogers has spent the last twenty years robbing, killing, and searching for his daughter Pearl. Now that he’s finally tracked her down, he’s taking her. Whether she wants to go with him or not. If anyone tries to stop him, he’ll make them suffer. 

Pearl is the only woman Grover’s cared about since his wife passed. He’d do anything to protect her, even if it means risking his life. Grover must defend his home, his son, and his woman from the most wanted man in the country, but it won’t be easy.

Ellis isn’t alone. He’s got a dozen bloodthirsty men with no morals and a lust for everything evil. They’ll stop anyone who gets in their way. Can Grover really beat the biggest outlaw in Texas, or should he just give up now? 

He’s outnumbered and outgunned… but this sheriff won’t give up his fight for justice. Sheriff Dusty Hicks has spent his life protecting others, but now he’s facing a new kind of danger. It’s a kind of evil he’s never had to battle before, but he’s willing to go to war if it means saving the lives of dozens of young girls.

One-eyed Joe Pearson and his gang have a taste for the innocent.
Joe likes his women young. He likes it even more when they’re scared. He’s ready to give up thieving, but only if he can bring money in through his brothels. That means he needs more women, no matter their age. He’ll put them to work, whether they like it or not. 

At first, fighting Joe and his gang was just part of Dusty’s duty. When Joe took the woman Dusty loved, things got personal. But Joe’s got a lot of men, and Dusty’s outnumbered. Can Dusty beat Joe before he ruins another life, or is this one war Dusty can’t win?

He loves two things, the Big Horn Ranch and his woman… these outlaws want to take both. Noah Drake wants a simple life free from his burdensome past. Big Horn Ranch is the chance he’s been waiting for. But… the outlaws who have been hunting him aren’t ready to give up.

Jake Ford is dangerous. He likes to shoot first and ask questions later.
And he’s vowed to take his revenge against Noah for killing his brother. Noah did what was right. He defended his love. He saved an entire town from destruction. But justice comes with a price. When the smoke cleared and evil lay dead, Mary was gone. She couldn’t take it. So she left, taking her secrets with her.

But Jake’s back, and he’s found her. The more pain he causes Mary, the happier he’ll be. Noah must stop Jake before he succeeds in destroying everything. He must kill Jake before he kills everyone Noah cares about. But it won’t be easy. Jake’s not alone, and his men are eager for a shootout. Can Noah stop pure evil from taking over? Or has he already lost the battle?

These outlaws think they can get away with murder. They’re wrong. Ernest Welles’ life has taken many turns, but none so jarring as the one that landed him at the Little C Ranch. Everything changed in the flash of a gunshot muzzle that left two men dead and a bandit on the loose. Ernest is used to fighting for justice. He doesn’t let outlaws get away. He punishes them. And he always wins. But he’s never met an outlaw like Ulysses Hill before.

Ulysses was born with a streak of pure evil. He likes women. He likes money. And he’ll take them any way he can get them. Even by force. When a rancher’s daughter, Clementine Hart, catches Ulysses’ eye, Ernest can either turn a blind eye or help the rancher and his family take down the most powerful criminal of their time.

Ernest has never backed away from a challenge, and he’s not prepared to start now. Just because Ulysses thinks he owns the law doesn’t mean he’s immune to it. It just means Ernest will have to work twice as hard to fight for justice. But can Ernest beat a devil in sheep’s clothing, or has he finally met his match?

There’s a fine line between justice and revenge. Sometimes a cowboy needs to take both. Corny Oliver is a wealthy banker with a dark past...He used to drink. He used to gamble. He used to womanize. But he’s guilty of an even worse crime. He’s spent his life trying to make up for one wrong. And just when he thinks he has, evil finds him.

Vincent Green likes money, and he’s willing to do anything to get it. Even kill. He knows Corny’s dark history. And if Corny doesn’t give him what he wants, he’ll tell everyone. Including the woman Corny’s been courting. Corny can either fight for justice or run away. And he chooses war.

But Vincent’s wicked mind refuses to fight any way except dirty. The lives of women and children mean nothing to him if they get in his way. He wants everything Corny’s got…His money. His woman. And even his life. He won’t stop until he’s got it all. Corny must stop Vincent before he destroys everything he’s worked so hard for. But are bullets enough to stop the Devil himself?

You can’t escape your past, but you can fight for justice. Rex Wallace just sold his ranch. He’s tired of living in the place where his wife and son were murdered. All he wants is a fresh start, as the sheriff in a new town. But cowboys just can’t just start over. Especially now the man responsible for killing his wife and son is free.

Otis escaped right before his hanging. And he’s out for revenge! Rex has brothers, nieces, nephews, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if it means letting Otis go. But Otis has other plans. He’s going to take down Rex and the entire town he’s been hired to protect.

Thunder Hill is a small town without many worries, until Otis shows up.
Now its townspeople are all in danger, especially the woman and child Rex has been spending his time with. He can’t turn away from battle anymore, especially not when the battle has come to him. Rex is ready for war, but will he be the one who ends up dead?

He refused to fight, until the fight came to him. Perry Wallace lives by the cowboy’s code: 1) care for your ranch, 2) love your family, and 3) defend justice. But when the law fails, you have to take justice into your own hands. When the wedding of a close friend falls under attack from unseen assailants, the bride is killed and the groom is crippled for life. Perry and his family barely escape. No one knows who is behind it or why, until the attacks continue.

Rusty Taylor was born evil. His thirst for blood and murder cannot be quenched, and the more you scream, the more he smiles. His little brother was the same way, until Perry killed him while defending the honor of two young women. Now Rusty’s ready to wage war. He does not forgive and forget. He murders and punishes.And what he wants now is for Perry to suffer.

But Perry’s brothers won’t let him fight this battle alone. They’re not just seeking revenge; they’re seeking justice. Perry’s ready for a fight, but are bullets strong enough to stop a madman?

He thought the war was over… it was just getting started. Confederate war hero Clayton Wallace earned a taste for justice on the battlefield. But his taste for revenge was learned as a boy in Snake Bend, Texas. His pregnant sister was murdered in front of him by August Graves, her evil, abusive husband who’s gone unpunished all these years. Clay is about to change that.

Fighting for justice is never easy though. Especially now August is mayor and his brother, Lloyd, is sheriff. They rule Snake Bend with an iron fist and show mercy to no one. But it’s not just Clay who the bloodthirsty mayor wants dead, it’s the entire Apache population. August and Lloyd will kill anyone who gets in their way, women and children included. The Indians have been waiting for a hero to lead them to victory, and Clay is it.

Clay has spent his life waiting for revenge, and he won’t leave Texas without it. A new battle is coming, and Clay is ready. But when the bullets start flying, will he make it out alive, or will justice die with him?

Some war heroes never stop fighting for justice or revenge. Confederate War veteran Bart Holliday thought his battle was over. Enroute to his hometown of Rock Springs, Texas, he and fellow veteran, Adam Westcott, are attacked by dangerous Comancheros. Holliday barely escapes with his life. But his friend is savagely killed. Revenge becomes Holliday’s new battle, and he has no intention of losing. And this time, there are no rules.

Especially not for the evil Chief Sierra Mangus. He has a deadly vision: A southwest free of whites, whether they wore blue or gray in the last war. And he plans to murder every last one. It is a massacre. Holliday’s fight to protect his vulnerable fiancé and his home with the code he always lived by...Justice.

His justice will force him to delve deep into the murderous and bloodthirsty mind of a type of killer he’s never encountered before. A killer who acts only on his rage and does not know how to show mercy. No man, woman, or child is safe from Chief Mangus’ deadly plan. But Holliday’s code will not let justice fade quietly into the night. He’ll go out with guns blazing. But when the bullets finally fall, who will be left standing?

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